MixButton - About Us

Welcome to your destination for mixing.

We are an online studio you can trust to take your tracks to the next level.


Our mix packages give the customer a range of specific treatments they feel they may or may not want their track to have.These include elements such as vocal tuning, editing, drum enhancement and many more essential processes and techniques which make us confident in delivering track(s) the customer can feel truly satisfied with.


All our mix packages give the customer the chance to listen to our work and make a decision on if they would or would not like to change something.This could be a simple stereo field fix, or perhaps a more overall sound direction.


Another useful service we provide is the option for some of the final mixed stems or instruments to be sent back individually. This is a service aimed at bands and artists playing live that would need some parts isolated, which are hard to replicate on stage. It is also useful for DJ's who want to mix live some of their work.



Our Mixing Mission

Your songs & music are precious to you and we realise that.

That is why we provide each project with your own personal mix engineer who is dedicated specifically to you and your tracks.

You can then give your designated mix engineer as much or as little information as you wish, when it comes to describing the musical direction and how you envision the sound of your track.