Our Mixing Service

Vocal Tuning

Fine subtle vocal tuning at the highest quality. Just let us know what you have in mind.

Mixed Individual Stems

You can request back specific instrument stems delivered along with your stereo mix.

Drum Enhancing

Enhancing or replacing certain specific drum parts where needed to give them that extra *cough* kick.


Compression is a fundamental part of the mixing process which helps define or bring out a particular instrument within the mix.


EQ (Equalization) is the way we carefully shape the individual sound of each instrument and is a great tool for cutting out unwanted room noise in an audio recording.


Re-amping is a popular request from artists and bands. This process can help us achieve a strong guitar or vocal sound in your mix.

Vocal Editing

Where needed, we fine edit each vocal stem making sure any raw mistakes or home recording studio issues are nulified.

Revisions Post Mix

Second thoughts on your mixing direction or simply have a brilliant idea post mix. Each mix package includes the chance to amend your final mix.


We give you simple and clear instructions on how to upload your files to us, and how to download your final mix straight to your desktop.

Backing Track

If requested, we can mix an instrumental backing track of your song to be delivered to you alongside the full stereo track.

Rhythm Editing

Often there are issues with timings within the raw audio. We resolve this by going through and making sure the rhythm is consistent throughout the track stems.

Reference Tracks

We use the reference tracks you give us to build on or replicate the sound you want. Ensuring we deliver exactly the right mix you have in mind.

Is That All ?

Above are just a few of the different ways we work on taking your mix to the high-end professional standard we deliver.

We can't reveal all our secrets ...