Our mix engineers can bring your songs to life.

Our mix engineers can bring your vision to life.

Years of experience working for major record labels.

Pro-studio equipment to use your tracks.

Excellent reviews to verify our great customer experience.

Get your first mix delivered within 5 days.


Our Chief Engineer – Sammy


What can our mix engineers do?

Enhance sonic quality.

We treat and enhance your music to sound exactly how you envisioned when you were writing.

Balance your mix.

We balance and intertwine the sounds and instruments within your arrangements to ensure they balance perfectly as a cohesive sound.

Tune your vocals.

We tune your lead vox and backing vocals to sound naturally pitch-perfect.

Align your rhythm.

We edit to the finest detail of your raw audio to ensure all the instruments are musically in time.

Create mix depth.

We work on providing the correct depth and ambience of your instruments using our reverb and delay units.

Treat transients.

We analyse the performances of your recorded instruments and use tools to treat the transients throughout, this is a key process to managing and using the appropriate dynamics to move through the track.


How to order.

1. Select your mix & master options.

Personalise your order options to start.

2. Upload your files.

Upload your song & mix notes to our mixing engineers.

3. We deliver your track.

Within 5 days, we will send over our first mix, ready for your ears.

Happy clients.

Great guys and great service

Great guys and great service. Even though I purchased the smallest package for the tryout, the guys really helped me to finish the recording with waayyy more revisions than ordered in the package. Absolutely amazing service with a happy customer 🙂


A Terrific Experience!

This has been a great experience with MixButton. And it has been refreshing to work with a company that just doesn’t rubber-stamp your music. They absolutely nailed the sound I was going for. I will definitely come back for future mixing and mastering.

Kevin Michael Thompson

Just perfect

Just perfect. First mix was right first time. Discovering MixButton has been a revelation and means I can plan new recordings with confidence knowing that MixButton will deliver a stunning mix.

A Marlow

Why choose us as your mix engineers?


Tracking guidance.

Whether your tracks or ready to be mixed or still in the recording stage, we can be in touch and offer guidance in preparation.

Vast experience.

Previous clients have ranged from singer-songwriters to big label productions, your project is never too small or large for our mix engineers.

Reliable quality.

We guarantee you will be fully satisfied with our work as we aim to be your long-term mix engineers through your songs, EPs and albums.

Consistent communication.

Our communication is quick and consistent throughout your project ensuring we can answer any of your questions or thoughts promptly.

Fast delivery.

We can guarantee to deliver your first mix within 5 days of our mixing engineer receiving your audio stems.

Timings flexibility.

Our flexible mixing engineers allow you to take your time when deciding any feedback or revisions you want to make to your mix.

We deliver your track straight to your inbox.

Our mix engineers have worked on tracks by artists such as:

One Direction | Ed Sheeran | London Grammar | Ella Henderson

Parov Stelar | Kygo | Troye Sivan | Eurielle

Give our mix engineers your direction.

You can personalize any of the online mixing processes you have in mind for your audio track by directing your allocated mix engineer.

Get in touch if you want to request any specific mix processes and our mix engineers can get back to you within 24 hours.

Get in touch to discuss your track or project.

What does a mix engineer actually do?

A mix engineer is a type of audio engineer who specialises in blending the several constituents of recorded audio together, with the purpose of producing a good balance in accordance to the appropriate sound or genre that the music creator has in mind.

This engineer is responsible for treating in the sonics of instruments, vocals including their effects to a complete form of a song, which is often referred to as the ‘final mix’ or ‘mixdown‘.

Whenever a song is enjoyed for either its quality or clarity, a substantial amount of praise goes to the effort of the mix engineer. The mix engineer is a true specialist in sound systems and audio recording equipment involved in balancing sounds from different sources according to their frequency, pitch and dynamic volume.

How would someone become a mix engineer?

Mix engineers or mixing professionals must have several years of experience in handling a variety of sound equipment. They serve as a link between the musician or artist and the scientific use that the mixing equipment was design for. Using their expertise to assess the consonance of sound sources and integrate them together, they can bring out at times unlimited amounts of interesting and potentially fashionable results.

Most engineers these days have a degree in sound audio engineering, while some have been lucky enough to receive formal training in the field from their circumstance being intertwined with a nearby studio or contact in a favourable position. Handling the complex variety of sound equipment can expand the knowledge of a mix engineer much more than just the degree paper.

This is because of several years of keen observation and participation in recording and mixing or online mixing sessions of various kinds of sounds and music will give the engineering insight into what would work well with the tools he or she may have in the future circumstance.

Mix engineers work on balancing audio.

Most mix engineers depend on their own senses and perception when balancing audio sounds, though there some formats and actions often set out as standard in each mix session. These include:

– Using tuning plugins to correct pitch on vocals and in occasion instrument notes

– Creative sound effects such as flanger, reverb, phaser and delay

– Emphasizing crucial sections of the track

– Understanding the artist’s overall style and groove

An engineer's mixing equipment.

The mixing console or DAW containing fader channels is the most important tool of an audio engineer. This enables the engineer to isolate and blend instruments within a track, which is made possible due to all the individual sounds being laid out. This enables the engineer to hear what and if a specific mixing process needs to be performed on a particular instrument or sound.

  • Mixing console (mixing desk)
  • Tape machines
  • Hardware that dictates sample rate and bit rate (often combined in the same unit)
  • Computer processing unit
  • Plugin hardware
  • Several sets of monitors
  • Speaker amplification unit
  • Sound absorbers
  • Signal processors
  • Digital to analogue converters
  • Analogue to digital converters

The different components that constitute a song are often not recorded at the same time, therefore the mix engineer will have a role to play in harmonising all these separate elements of the song into one perfect flow after the track has been arranged.

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