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Get In Touch About Your Ideas. We Mix Using Your Direction.



Get In Touch About Your Ideas. We Mix Using Your Direction.

2. Upload Your Stems

Upload Your Song Or Track Stems & Any Mixing Instructions To Our Mix Engineers.

3. Download Your Mix

After 5 Days, We Will Notify You That Your Completed Mix Is Ready To Be Downloaded!

A basic mix package can start at as little as £90, whilst some of our audio mixing rates can range up to £500 depending on your mix requirements.

We have fully customisable options available so that you can pick and choose what mixing processes you would like for your song, which will dictate the price.

This interactive customisable feature can be found on our Build Your Mix page.

For full details of our mixing studio prices, please visit our mixing prices page.

We have a range of mix packages which can be viewed in our mixing pricing page.

Each has its own set of mixing techniques and processes. Vocal tuning, drum enhancements and rhythm editing are just a few of the actions we may take to mix your track and deliver a song you can be proud of.

You can also customise your mix order depending on what mixing processes you need for your audio track.

Visit our ‘build your mix’ page and customise the options you need for your song.

We aim to deliver your music mix within 5 days.

This gives us enough time to fully understand your sound and take it to the next level.

Of course, if you have more specific shorter deadlines that you need to keep to. Let us know and we will complete the mix and deliver it to you by your preferred date.

Included in every mix package is the option for you to say after the mix has been delivered if there are any changes you would like us to make. We call these – (Revisions).

We then open up your mixing session file and send back to you the requested alterations to ensure you are happy with your final song. Different packages include a different amount of revisions so take a look at our studio prices page to find out how many mix revisions our different packages include.

The song track you receive back will have been worked on with care by talented professional audio engineers and will result in a high-quality final music mix.

Our audio mixing portfolio contains before and after examples of song mixes that we have worked and can be heard on our portfolio page.

Alternatively, we also have some quick audio examples further down this home page.

In the music industry, making the best first impression matters.

Potential fans and music industry professionals may only give a small amount of time listening to your songs in what is an incredibly competitive landscape. It is vital you give yourself and your music every chance to make an impact!

Our online mixing service will give your track the extra dimension it needs so that when a potential fan or industry professional finds your music, they continue listening…

Mixing music is more than just tidying up frequencies and editing, it is about translating your track across to the listener in a way that will make them feel exactly how you did when you were writing it.

As an art form, it is of course subjective. We think it is important for you as the artist, songwriter, composer or producer to find a trusted professional online mixing studio of which you can rely on to take your music mix to the highest quality.

Our audio engineers use a variety of mixing equipment and software to complete your mix. Each online mixing engineer will have his preference but we generally use the music industry standard DAW’s of Pro Tools & Logic.

Generally speaking, we can open up your session from Logic and Pro tools as long as all the audio tracks are there and any plugins settings have been added permanently to the instrument stems.

The plugins of choice really do come down to what the mixer decides your track needs.

If you have a preference of what your song think it needs (e.g. – reverb on a verse vocal take), then be sure to mention it in your mixing direction notes when you start your mix order.

If you have very specific requests, this is something you can communicate to our mix engineer so we can ensure we are delivering exactly what you want.

More information on the mixing and production tools we use can be found in our studio equipment page.

Apart from providing online mixing services, we also have a collection of helpful articles and guides on home recording studio tips, audio mixing and audio mastering.

These include topics such as:

What is a DAW program?

What is a polar pattern?

See our full range of music studio articles and guides.

What Our Online Mixing Studio Does:

Vocal Tuning

Fine subtle vocal tuning at the highest quality. Just let us know what you have in mind.


Compression treatment is a fundamental part of the mixing process which helps define or bring out a particular instrument within the mix.

Vocal Editing

Where needed, we fine edit each vocal stem making sure any raw mistakes or home recording studio issues are nullified.


Re-amping is a popular request from artists and bands. This process can help us achieve a strong guitar or vocal sound in your mix.


If you have second thoughts on your mixing instructions or simply have a brilliant idea after your mix delivery. Every package includes the chance to amend your final mix.

Drum Enhancing

Enhancing or replacing certain specific drum parts when needed to give them that extra *cough* kick.

Rhythm Editing

Often there are issues with timings within the raw audio. We resolve this by going through and making sure the rhythm matches up perfectly throughout the stems.

Reference Tracks

We use the reference tracks you give us to build on or replicate the sound you want. Ensuring we deliver exactly the right mix you have in mind.

Online mixing is the process in which recorded instruments or sounds are treated, edited and expertly intertwined to make the music you have in mind. This is achieved with a variety of processes and mixing techniques, which you can see on our online mix engineers page.

At MixButton, we can deliver your finished song mix to you within 5 days or less.

Our mixing prices start at £90, you may want to customise your mix price depending on what you need for your track which you can do with our interactive customisable online form.

Our Talented Mix Engineers Have Worked On Tracks By Artists Such As

One Direction | Ed Sheeran | London Grammar | Ella Henderson | Example | Little Mix | Pixie Lott | Anna Calvi

Parov Stelar | Kygo | Troye Sivan | Benga | Shaheen | Eurielle | Claudia Kane | Stealth | Rothwell | 96OneDream

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