Vocal Chain Presets – VOLUME 2


Download the vocal chain presets we use on our clients & import them straight into your Logic sessions.

Contains 3 genres spread across 9 presets.

  • Acoustic (X3 presets)
  • Rock (X3 presets)
  • Indie (X3 presets)

Hear them in action.


  • Requires Logic version 10.2.2 (minimum).
  • Includes installation booklet.



What's inside?

Loads Of Presets

Each genre contains 3 different types of vocal chains within that genre. In total 9 vocal chain presets.

Uses Stock Plugins

Each vocal chain is crafted with Logic’s stock plugins so no further purchases are necessary.

Easy Import

Includes a PDF booklet to guide you through a seamless installation and get you using the presets instantly.

1. Download.

Start by purchasing your preferred volume pack and instantly download.

2. Import into Logic.

We include detailed guidance on how to import and install.

3. Apply to your vocals.

Load our vocal chains straight into your Logic sessions and use them right away.


How do they sound?

Acoustic – Vocal Chain Sample

You can grab these Acoustic presets as well as 1 other Acoustic preset in addition to Rock and Indie vocal chain presets in Volume 2.

Easily download our vocal chain settings straight into your Logic sessions.
Screenshot Logic channel empty

Step-by-step import guidance is included in your download file.

Screenshot Login channel loaded

Want to talk before ordering our Logic vocal chains?

We are available by phone or by message if you want to get in touch.