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Royer R-121 Ribbon Mic

After unboxing the Royer R-121 Studio Ribbon Microphone; there were a few inquisitive looks due to its size compared with

How long does it take to master a song?

Mastering is an audio post-production process involved in the preparation and transfer of recorded audio tracks across platforms and distribution

When was the first microphone invented?

The microphone was initially introduced in 1877 by Emile Berliner who had been working with Thomas Edison. It was a

What is the Difference Between a Dynamic & Condenser Microphone?

From musical concerts to political debates, comedy clubs and even churches: microphones are an important component in all these places.

What is a microphone Polar Pattern?

A microphone’s polar pattern is the sensitivity of how well the microphone receives sound relative to the angle or direction of

How Does A Sound Mixer Work?

A sound mixer can also be known as a mixing console or more commonly as an audio mixer. This is

What Does It Mean When Music is Remastered?

Remastering music is essentially improving on the quality of the original copy of a song or album. Removing flaws from

What is mono and stereo?

Most equipment you look at will have a combination of mono and stereo features that will allow for a deeper reproduction of

What’s the difference between WAV and MP3?

If you make or work with audio recordings of any kind, you probably have come across two different primary types

What Is A DAW Program?

Just about anyone who has flair for music production or is simply enthusiastic about music has heard the term DAW.

Music Note To Frequency Chart

See our useful chart matching musical notes to pitch frequencies in hertz starting from 16.35 Hz (C0).

Simple Tips For Your Music Mix

A brief insight into some mixing techniques we think about here at MixButton that could help you through your mixing process,

11 Step Ultimate Guide To Mixing Vocals

Vocal mixing is the stage where your vocals are blended in together with all your other instruments. How do you

What Does Automation Mean When Mixing Music?

Mixing in a mixing studio is an elaborate and intense process with many different techniques which are constantly evolving. One

7 Different reverb effects and when to use them

Reverb adds space and depth to any recorded instrument and you would be hard-pressed to find a modern music production

How Do I Improve The Acoustics Of A Room?

You don’t have to break your bank account in order to get a good studio in which to create your

Whats the difference between audio mixing and mastering?

As a musical artist, you likely know that your tracks must go through two stages of production—mixing and mastering before

What is sidechaining?

Sidechaining is one of the most commonly-used tools in mixing, and even if you’re a complete beginner in the field,

How to copyright a song

Simply put, copyright is intellectual property protection. It is the legal right given to the original creator of a work

What is the Difference Between a Compressor and a Limiter?

From amateur musicians to professional mix engineers, we all use plugins. Some have a huge roster of plugins and interesting effects at

What is a noise gate?

Noise gates are widely used within mixing for the functional treatment of audio and creative ideas for sound. Let's explore

What is the Master Recording?

In the music business, a master recording is the official original recording of a song, sound or performance. Also referred

What Are The Most Common Audio Plugins?

There are so many aspects to professional music production and the importance of music plug-ins (audio effects) should never be

How Do I Build a Home Recording Studio?

Every talented and aspiring musician can hope to advance to a level where there will need to be a professional

What Does a Mastering Engineer Do?

Creating music involves a series of steps that come before and after recording the song in the vocal booth. One

Simple & Affordable Ways To Improve Your Studio’s Acoustics

You are just starting off producing music. You have your studio with all the necessities. You already spent a lot

What Is A Microphone Pop Filter?

A pop filter refers to a screen that serves as protection for microphones. It's the shield that helps lessen or

Mojave MA-1000 Mic

This mic from Mojave’s Signature Series has the aesthetics of the old American-style classics. David Royer has consistently designed microphones

What Is A Dynamic Microphone?

After years of thorough research and development, scientists finally invented the first-ever dynamic microphone in 1931. A dynamic microscope is

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